Megan receives an excellent transformation before her photoshoot!Photo Prep Time! The two words most models use after a shoot with us: FUN and AWESOME!!!

Michael regularly works with models throughout the Midwest and is available for designed custom shoots to help build your portfolio. Typically, these are collaborations between the model, makeup artist, hair stylist and off course the photographer.    Images are shared prior to the shoot on Pinterest or Facebook to come up with a look and feel the model is hoping to achieve.  Michael specializes in working with models on posing and expression, and attempts to create images which enhance and grow the models portfolio whether it is for an agency, a theatre promo or for other personal use.

Cost: Typical sessions range from $200 to $1500 dollars depending on the number of looks, time, other team members such as makeup and hair stylists, location, use of the photos, requested photo quantity and media type.  A 25% deposit is required for scheduling which is refundable if the  shoot is cancelled a week in advance.    Shoots can be created with the photographer alone, or with a full team depending on the concept and needs/budget of the model.   TFP's are negotiable if the topic is of interest to all parties.

Contact:  If interested, please contact Michael at or via the Contact page on this website.  Please include 2 or 3 unedited pictures of your current look (with and without makeup), a link to your online portfolio if you have one, as well as Instagram, Facebook and other social media accounts.  If you do not use Instagram, we suggest you create an account as it is one of the current primary ways to build your brand!!!

Process:  Once the business details are agreed upon, the shoot is scheduled.  At that point, the model can upload photos of images portraying styles he/she would like to portray. This can be as complex or simple as they want and could include high fashion, beauty, editorial, fitness, movement, special effects, period looks and fine art subjects.   As the team reviews the photos, we will come up with a few concepts and suggest various looks to the model along with any clothes, makeup, colors etc. which are required.   

To prep for a shoot, the model should arrive 15 minutes early, typically with a clean face, manicured nails and eyebrows.  Shoots typically last between two and six hours and usually occur either on the weekends or weeknights to fit the teams schedules.

After the shoot is complete, images are selected by Michael and are post processed to create the look and feel which the team is trying to develop.  These are then shared with the model who may download and use the photos within the license granted by the original agreement. It is typical that the model receives 5 to 15 digital images but that is highly flexible depending on the job.  Paid shoots typically take two weeks to deliver - TFP's may take much longer as they do not have the same priority.