A daughter and her mom . . .

Portrait - Sheri and Ollie - 192 FINAL.jpg

Relationships, and the connections which create those bonds, is a topic I have been thinking a lot about over the past several months. So when Sheri asked me to shoot her and her mother, I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve now known Sheri for a couple of years and I have shot her in a variety of settings several times over that period. I knew she had a special relationship with her mother - a women from whom she developed her love, amongst other things, of lingerie! You see, Ollie had complications from diabetes a few years ago which limited her speech, but she had a spunk unlike anyone in front of my camera in a long time!

This became a very powerful shoot, where I tried to capture not only their portraits, but also the dynamic, respect and love they have for each other. I remember how I brought up a recollection Sheri shared with me, that her mom had modeled Revlon cosmetics in the 80’s - it was so awesome how humble she appeared but with a twinkle in her eye. She still knew how to turn it on!!! Ollie, you still have it!!!