Claudia - Working with Gels

I LOVE experimenting during test shoots (which I do a LOT!). So I wanted to see how many ways I could use gels - lighting the background different colors, highlighting her hair and face and then create a look appropriate for a magazine ad. Even through in the smoke machine at the end!

Working with gels is much trickier than it appears - in fact, some photographers say it is one of the hardest portraits to do really well (and I don’t believe I’m quite there yet!). Understanding how color compliments, how it is displayed on different skin tones and hair, how different colors affect brightness and how to configure your strobe so that the color is blasted with light, how to use flags to control the spill - these are all things which take a lot of time and tweaking. The model needs to be patient - or you need to spend several hours of setup before they arrive - because an image can go from mediocre to good to great with the smallest tweaks!

If anyone is interested in a portrait in this style, feel free to contact me!