Here is a sample image which was selected based on your input!

During the survey, you were exposed to a large variety of work created about people similar to you – they all have a different story to share!


The actual artwork from your personal art shoot will most likely be very different – in style, color, and concept.   By learning more about your personal story or whatever you wish to share, we can create a truly unique print for your home, office or even as a digital only NFT!

Click the image to imagine how it might look on your wall

As a powerful example, this client was processing a deeply personal incident:
After going through such a dramatic trauma, I needed a way to let out all the emotions I was dealing with. Working with Michael was the perfect way for me, not only to go deep into my feelings, but also capture one of the strongest and weakest times of my life. Not only did it help me process what happened, but through the images, I can go back and remind myself how I have persevered. 
If you would like to see more, you may visit my first Virtual Gallery exhibit entitled On Being Human – The Pandemic Years, 2020-2022. You can see the evolution of the exhibit while it’s being built with changing photo selection, descriptions, pricing and NFT offerings.  The exhibit launches May 25th.

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