Identity Art is a new approach of artistic portraiture, intended to express and raise the awareness of mental health on a very individual level. Many therapists are looking for creative ways to interact with their clients – especially when they are stuck.  For some, this could be a tool to help clients explore in a non-threatening yet creative manner.

Throughout the session, where we listen to highly personal shared stories and create art portraits expressing their state of mind, it can be very freeing to those who experience it. Sometimes the stories are graphic, other times, they are very subdued or quiet – but either way, the process of being part of a new creation built around your story, without judgement, encourages a new way to understand your self – helping both the therapist and the client. The resultant art work is both a powerful reminder of the experience as well a personal representation of who they are at this time.

“Simply put, this is art about you, with you and for you.”

Art gives us the ability to explore and share ideas which cannot always be expressed by words alone. 


Identity Art is based on the belief that your story is core to your being and forms your relationship to the world.  

 Everyone has uniquely profound experiences that define us, and by sharing our sense of who we are, it can lead to a profoundly powerful discovery.


I am looking to partner with a select group of therapists, psychologists and mental health professionals and organizations, to explore this offering as a pilot – it acts as a differentiator but also a powerful tool acting as a strong validator of the client as a whole human being.

Michael Matzko is an internationally published creative who has practiced the art of photography for over 15 years.  He received a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Iowa and was certified as an Alexander Technique Teacher.  His primary passion is integrating themes and stories on the human experience into his work, producing unique and non-repeatable pieces for personal and public collections.

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