Identity Art is created as a centerpiece which expresses your personal story. 

There is nothing more significant than owning a piece of art, created as a reflection of your experiences and stories. 

It is art that is created For You, About You, and With You.

Art gives us the ability to explore and share ideas which cannot always be expressed by words alone. 


Identity Art is based on the belief that your story is core to your being and forms your relationship to the world. It deserves and needs to be told! 

 Everyone has uniquely profound experiences that define us and by sharing our sense of who we are, can lead to a profoundly powerful and personal masterpiece.

Michael Matzko is an internationally published creative who has practiced the art of photography for over 15 years.  He received a Masters of Fine Art from the University of Iowa and was certified as an Alexander Technique Teacher.  His primary passion is integrating  themes and stories on the human experience into his work, producing unique and non-repeatable pieces for personal and public collections.

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